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Welcome to Liquidus FX Fund

The Liquidus FX Fund (the "Fund") aims to achieve capital growth whilst maintaining reasonable levels of liquidity by investing in a portfolio of highly liquid, transparent and continuously traded financial currency markets. The Fund seeks to generate investment returns by trading a diversified selection of currency pairs through a trading platform utilising one or more currency trading strategies to reduce volatility and risk.

The Fund’s investment management team will use quantitative algorithms to exploit different trends in the currency market with the objective of anticipating changes in value of a particular currency relative to a reference currency. This process will involve buying or selling the first currency depending on whether if it is expected to appreciate or depreciate relative to the reference currency.

The Manager may employ various techniques and risk management strategies in an attempt to reduce risk and to generate positive returns. Currency trading better known as Forex Trading is the process of trading currencies issued by different countries against each other.

The enormous volume of daily trading makes Forex Trading the most liquid market in the world, which means that under normal market conditions, buy and sell orders can be placed 24 hours a day as the Investor pleases. Currency trading typically takes place through an authorised broker or market maker.